Love is…

Valentines day can bring out the hopeless romantic or maybe just the hopeless at romance.

Sindy had been hinting wildy for weeks so there really was no excuse for her handsome boyfriend Barry to forget.

She had washed her hair and spent an awfully long time choosing a pretty dress and matching shoes to wear.

Their Valentines gifts were exchanged along with some traditional red roses he’d bought at the garage on the way over.


Sindy was so excited to see the proof of his (not often declared ) love for her as she ripped the gift box open avidly.

“What’s this?” she gasped, hardly disguising the shock and disappointment in her voice.

“It’s what you wanted…isn’t it?” Barry awkwardly unwrapped her overly soft feeling gift to him, it certainly was not the new camera he was hoping for then?


“But it’s a …bus?” she held it up quizzically.

“You said you wanted a double red thing, so I got you a really cool model London bus, don’t you like it?”

Oh dear, poor Sindy, her heavy hints had gone well above his manly head.

“Pants!” Barry held up his present, he was equally underwhelmed.


“Go and try them on Barry.” She had a naughty glint in her eye.

“What now? Where’s you mum?”

“She’s on a date with Sir Charles, she won’t be back till after tea.”

“Oh Ok then” He disappeared to the bathroom, returning swiftly wearing his new gift.

“Oh Barry…” Sindy breathed heavily,


“Give us a twirl.” Sindy was obviously impressed,

“They do fit you very well.”

Her hungry eyes seemed transfixed on his new Y fronts.

“I thought you’d buy me some sexy red underwear, then I could have modelled it for you too.”


Then it clicked, that was why she’d been leaving notes around with ’34a’ written on…he assumed it was her favourite bus numbers… BARRY you utter plonker!

All he could do was use his vivid imagination of what could have been…


Which he did often…


…and for a very long time afterwards.


Seventies style.



©Juliette Dodd 2020


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