Its been a long day walking many, many miles in the summer heat, Neville had forgotten what is was like back in England after all the places he’d visited.

He couldn’t even remember what year he’d left, it was just after the tragic events when he was discharged from the forces, something must have tripped his brain….or was it the drugs?

He finally stopped for a rest and the music was on him in an instant, whipping out his guitar he sang his lonesome tune to the hedgerow ….releasing his blue desperation to the birds and buzzing things.

“Woke up this morning…fried egg on my plate…my woman had left me ….”

Neville had spent quite a while in the deep South, amongst his travels he’d picked up many a riff and loved to mix and match.

He was just a slave to the rhythm,

“Play that funky music, hey boy…play it till you die..”

Neville had been in many, many bands but he wasn’t really a people person or even a team player, he just couldn’t mix well with others although he didn’t really try, was always on the move and drifting.

This time he’d had an urge to visit his source, his hometown and he was on a mission to make amends with the past, no matter what.

The distant sound of a car approaching perked him up.

Sindy was visiting her old Auntie in the country, it was such a lovely day for a drive out; her boyfriend Barry had got a new job but he was always tired or working so she jumped at the offer of lunch out to relieve the boredom.

‘Best thumb forward’ was his motto for today, Neville lived in hope although more than likely they drove on by, only the odd trucker stopped but now he was on some God forsaken ‘B’ road or maybe even a ‘C’ road, if there was such a thing?

Lunch was boiled eggs and lettuce, Sindy wasn’t impressed and made her excuses as quickly as she could while promising Auntie to call back soon and bring her lovely young man for a visit.

She was still cross the little buggers in her street had pulled her wing mirrors off,

‘ I know I didn’t use them but they were handy for checking out who was looking at me.’

” A car…here goes” Neville put on his ‘I’m a cool guy’ look, although in reality, he was rather hot and bothered and fancied a pint. He had no idea how far away he was from his destination, especially as he hadn’t got a map.

Sindy was bored and he really did look such a soulful figure standing by the roadside in the middle of nowhere.

‘A Musician too by the looks’, she thought as she slowed down to get a better view.

Sindy was known to drive off quickly if she thought the hitchhikers would be smelly but this time she stopped her car.

“Where are you heading?” She called through the open window.

“The next town, Miss.”

“Hop in then.” She commanded rather than offered.


She gazed questioningly at Neville’s slightly weathered but so familiar face, it was on the tip of her tongue where she knew him from but she just couldn’t place him.

“Are you local?” Sindy asked this handsome stranger.

“I used to be, a long time ago.” He answered wistfully.

” Oh…it’s just you look so …. I’m sure I know you?”

“Nope, never met you before Miss, I’ve been away… travelling, probably near on ten years now.”

“Jump in, I haven’t got all day.” It was bugging her now, where did she know him from?

With a heave and a ho, Neville loaded the back seat with his belongings while Sindy revved the engine impatiently.

” Thanks Miss.”

“So what brings you to these parts?” Sindy was fishing for clues, she liked the cut of his jib plus he must be a sensitive soul as he was obviously musical.

“Are you in a band? Do you write your own songs?” Questions, questions and he hadn’t even shut the car door yet!

“I’m in search of my muse.”

Oh Sindy loved the thought of him being so deep and mystical, oh what piercing blue eyes, oh…oh..she’d suddenly come over all unmentionable!

“I do hope you find her.” She answered almost bashfully.

“I will.”

To be continued very soon..

©Juliette Dodd 2019


A Few Dollies More

Burt was staying in lodgings at the very respectable Guest House run by Miss Sindy.

Stiff Men’s Creek wasn’t all rough and uncouth, it’s very religious Towns Women Guild was growing in numbers with new members joining almost daily; the word had spread fast it was a safe haven for ladies who had once fallen.

With a tasty portion of cow pie on his plate Burt could hardly wait to begin.

“Not before you say Grace Mr Burt, this is a God fearing household” Miss Sindy chastised her guest piously.

Miss Belinda also lodged here, she’d paid in gold four months in advance, no questions asked, Miss Sindy was very discrete.

“Do you get many male guests? He asked as he drunk his second cup of coffee.

“Not really only you, all the men head straight for that house of shame across the street, next to the Saloon.” She tutted at its very existence.

Burt wanted to track down the whereabouts of an evil Bandit called ‘The Butcher’, some deeper investigation was needed.

In the cool of the Saloon bar, amid the company of the rough and ready towns men, Burt joined in a friendly card game.

Murray Steel eyed this newcomer with suspicion,

“We don’t want no trouble makers around her…I mean here.” He was a very jealous man and knew where Burt was staying.

“I’m just a passing through buddy, on my way to find me a fortune.”

They all laughed at their shared common goal, every man wanted a fortune, whatever it took.

There was a sudden silence at the bar followed by hushed worried voices.

“Mutter mutter…bandit…mutter…just arrived…mutter…in town…”

“The Butcher!” squealed Cowboy Ken loudly as the others shushed him quickly by slapping his hand.

Tension was rising as their game was reaching its climax, gradually the stakes were raised waiting for the cards to be turned.

Burt was being reckless and bid all his hard earned cash on this last hand, he had an inkling he might be coming into some fresh funds pretty soon.

“Four Aces does it …thank you boys.” Fanning out his winning cards on the table, Burt was quietly pleased at this unexpected bonus.

Just then the doorway darkened as a large figure loomed briefly, a pair of dark squinting eyes surveyed the motley customers within, seemingly satisfied he moved on letting a stream of sunlight pierce the gloom.

As his heavy foot steps headed off next door, the scared whispers at the bar got louder; Burt cooly collected his winnings and bid ‘Good day’ to his fellow gamblers.

Barry had gone back to meet his prospective father-in-law Chief Howlin’ Wolf, to tell the truth Burt preferred working alone, especially as Barry was so drunk and miserable.

Next door to the busy Saloon on the only street in Stiff Men’s Creek was the infamous house of Sin, Madame Barbie’s Bawdy Bordello; with its plush furnishings and comely companions, this was the most popular place in town.

A tall dark, heavily built figure loitered impatiently in the lobby.

‘”Come on lover, I’m worth more than that, especially after what I just did to you…none of the other girls would!” Mad Kate hustled her John.

“Why did you throw my boot outa the window, you silly mare?”

Mad Kate didn’t get her nickname for nothing.

Madame Barbie’s best girls were on hand to tempt this big burly stranger and relieve him of his heavy coin pouch.

One wanton harlot flashed her knees in a bid to get his exclusive attention, he uttered a low long animalistic growl at the sight of her shapely and sleek legs.

Mad Kate promised him some of her special sticky peachy fun as she wafted a jar of preserves around in a titillating way.

He grunted and shook his head, no way, not after the last time when she did the chilli pepper trick.

Mad Kate would go too far even for this mean Bandit.

While they disappeared into the back room, Mad Kate leisurely supped from a bottle of the best while humming a popular Music hall ditty,

“A little bit of what you fancy does you goooood…”

Then she rubbed honey inside his hat ( the nutty tart!)

Later that day, on the outskirts of the strangely sedate town of Stiff Men’s Creek, at the very edge of the arid desert, two hard nosed adversaries eyeballed each other next to a long dead tree.

No one could miss ‘The Butcher’ with his distinctive hat and unfortunate flatulence problem, as he stood his ground against this new antagonist, lots of flies and bees seemed to be drawn to him too, not to mention ants.

Being on the ‘Most Wanted’ list was becoming a bit of a pain, forever on the move with young bucks trying their luck to claim the bounty price on his head.

“What do you want Gringo?”

“I want you to come with me to the Sheriff’s office.” That was a simple answer to the question.

“Why would I do that Gringo, do I look like a fool hahaha?”

“No Mister, you look like one hundred thousand dollars!”

“Go to hell.” He shouted back, spitting out a big lump of chewing baccy and puffing out his chest in a show of masculine dominance.

“Dead or alive the poster said, you choose your own fate.”

It was all over quicker than a hummingbird’s poop, two gunshots echoed through the gully and only one man stood tall.

“Bugger!” Muttered Burt, who had only mean to aim for his leg.

‘Now I’ve gotta get his big ol’ carcass back to town before the coyotes and buzzards come to feed.’ Burt’s annoyance was only quelled by the thought of the massive reward money.



“It’s a wrap folks, see you all at the premier.” Called the Director, sweating under the hot sun, “May you all get an Oscar darlings.”

Burt gave Butch a hand up,

“I’m parched!”

“Yoo Hoo, boys.” Waving seductively from a short distance off set were the delicious twins Mali and Boo.

“We thought you’d never get that last bit right, 15 takes to fall down, Butchy baby you are a one!” They chaffed, giggling.

“Haha, thank goodness it was sand else my ass would be black n’ Blue.”

“We’ve been trying to keep the cocktails cold.”

“Cheers everyone”

( You must know by now I don’t do nasty stories!)

©Juliette Dodd 2019

A Fistful of Dollies

Big Gun Barry was in love, his wild and roaming heart had been skilfully lassoed by the charms of Big Chief Howling Wolf’s twin daughters ( Big Gun Barry wasn’t fussed which sister he married to tell the whole truth y’all!)

After many a Pow Wow and quite a lot of liquid fire water persuasion followed by some serious sessions on the peace pipe, Big Gun Barry had agreed to become a Brave; the only way the Chief would let him marry his beloved daughter(s)

Once the initiation period was over the wedding ceremony would commence, in three moons time – on the condition of a large dowry payment of course; daughters were a precious commodity.

Big Gun Barry was, as usual, broke.

Pretty Pocaharder was eager for the sacred matrimonial ceremony, Pocalonger couldn’t wait for the nuptials.

Big Gun Barry was beside himself with frustration, he needed some mega bucks and fast.

Time to seek out his old partner.

The man with one name ~ BURT

The deadliest and quietest gunslinger in the West.

“Beautiful mornin’ Ladies.” Always the perfect gentleman, Burt doffed his hat to the respectable towns women of this busy trading outpost called Stiff Men’s Creek.

Half way between the plains and the Mountains and not too far from the desert, this far flung ramshackle town was always full of roaming settlers, prospectors and sometimes even outlaws!

Barry had to drop his rootin’ tooting’ cowboy name and take on a new tribal one (it was part of his initiation)

He wasn’t very happy to be re-Christened ‘Little Gecko,’ it just didn’t have the same connotations but it was the first animal to be seen at the naming ceremony, so be it.

“If that’s what you want?” Burt was a bit surprised at how far Barry would go to get a bride (or two).

“Yeah, but I still need to make some big dollars quick, any ideas Burt?”

“We’ll have to go back to Bounty hunting ‘cos I know you hate mining.”

The God fearing Church going ladies were chatting loudly about the gallery of villains on all the ‘Wanted’ posters, so very ugly, what awful crimes and how they should find redemption if they only saw the light and mended their thieving ways.

“Why, I do believe you’re not a real Injun?” One lady questioned Barry who was busy trying to find the bottom of the bottle.

He just growled his annoyance, he wasn’t a happy Barry!

‘What is the New World coming to?’ thought Burt, as he saw so many females on the posters, Pear Heart, Della Rose, he was sure he’d had a dalliance with at least one of these naughty ladies.

‘Belle Starr!’ Burt whistled at the $750 reward, she sure looked familiar!

“She’d sort our finances out a treat.” He quietly folded up her poster for later viewing.

In his despondent stupor Barry wasn’t convinced, he had a double dowry to find; Burt thought he was just being a little bit greedy.

“This is more like it, $100,000 for ‘The Butcher’, what a nasty piece of work, I’ve heard all the terrible tales about him.” Barry needed big funds and quickly.

He longingly thought of affording a third bride to rub his feet while the twins were tending his other areas.

Naughty Barry!

“Good afternoon Miss.” Greeted Burt as the very prim but very pretty School Teacher walked past; Barry was too lost in his own personal bourbon fuelled fantasy to notice.

The school house was right next to the Church, although mostly empty as this town had no children at present.

As he sat drinking coffee and studying the poster it suddenly clicked, Burt was sure he knew the teacher’s friend, she looked a little too familiar but he just couldn’t place where from.

He now recalled she used to have dark haired, although that was a very bad picture of her and it was a while ago back in Frisco.

Meanwhile in a secluded stable behind the school house, the stealthy figure of Murray Steel was silently saddling up a fresh steed.

( Tongue twister, the faster the better)

Murray was her willing slave, he adored his Mistress more than words could say, he would do anything she asked.

Love is the only motive.

Dressed in matching jeans and shirts, her real identity heavily shielded, this mysterious and deadly female was on a mission to rob the next stage coach before it even reached Stiff Men’s Creek.

Gold and plenty of it, the only real commodity way out in the wild West; you could buy a thousand acres, you could buy a whole town, no one messes with the highest payer.

“Be careful Belle.” Murray called as she galloped off through the sparse trees.

He would take the rap for her, thats how much he loved that wicked, wicked lady.

Burt turned a blind eye at the School house stables when a very fast horse and rider swiftly dismounted inside the gloom, he wasn’t a vindictive man and Belle had been mighty kind to him when they were ‘friends.’

A short while later that same day, two very respectable Church going Ladies walked along the empty one street town towards the deserted school house.

“Careful Belinda, I hear footsteps.” Alerted the School teacher to her companion.

They began loudly singing hymns to cover the chink chink of gold coins.

“Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound, that saved a wretch like me….”

“Good day to ya.” Greeted the rough handed cowboys.

“May the good Lord be with you boys.”

“I once was lost but now I’m found….”

“..was blind but now I see….”

And the school house door slammed shut.

….To be continued…..

©Juliette Dodd 2019

Bingo Hall

Sindy eyed the amazing raffle prize table on the first floor of The Ritzy, on opulent display by the plush Bingo Hall entrance next to the lounge bar.

It was Wednesday evening and she was meeting all her friends, even Granny would be coming; Sindy could only dream of what she would do with the top prize of one hundred pounds.

Suddenly a strangely familiar figure rudely barged past her and hovered by the office door.

It wasn’t long before the girls arrived, giggling and joking about the tempting prizes on display.

“Ooh, I’d love a lava lamp, they are so trendy.” Mindy exclaimed.

“What a sweet Teddy Bear.” Cousin June showed her age.

“Thats Granny’s favourite perfume.” commented Sindy, “I hope she wins it.”

Everyone had bought many strips in the hope of winning one of these glittering prizes, very soon the large hallway was crowded, all holding their tickets avidly awaiting the official draw.

Darius, the mysterious and very rich owner, would pick the number out of a hat at 6.50 ( just before the Bingo started)

It was all over very quickly with the top prize going to …. the strange ginger haired man with the big nose.

Sindy was sure she’d seen him before, she just couldn’t place where from.

As Darius handed over the huge cheque, Sindy’s dreams of a holiday at Morecambe were instantly dashed; soon the other prizes were dished out to the excited winners.

Poor Sindy, she never seemed to win anything, so fingers crossed for tonights Bingo games.

That man, it was really bugging her now, where had she seen him?

He marched heavily off down the hall towards the mens toilets, she was sure he was wearing a wig

‘No one has hair that colour!’ she thought.

The jolly Bingo caller was whipping the excited room up into a gaggle of laughter, comedy Ken was so funny, tonight he was dressed as a cowboy and put on a silly American Accent; everyone was in hysterics.

“Are y’all ready ?”

Yeah they shouted in reply.

“Then it’s EYES DOWN – a full house wins tonight prize.”

The hall cooed and gasped as Ken waved a handful of cash high up, flicking the crisp notes in front of the the averous players.

Drinks were downed and cigarettes extinguished ready for their full attention to the numbers.

Sindy glanced around the room excitedly while finishing off her snacks.

‘What! That man…it’s him.’ Sindy was sure now, she couldn’t mistake that brown leather jacket, its the same man from the Casino last week, the one that won all the games, its the SAME man who has only just won the raffle outside.

“Do you know who he is?” she whispered to Mindy.

“No, shh its just starting.” Mindy glanced over and shook her head.

Bingo caller Ken was still shouting out the numbers in a broad American accent and making the ladies laugh at his silly phrases.

“Danny La Rue has a poo number 52” …

“Red Raw back door number 64 – oooh Missus!”

“Sweet and keen, jelly bean just 15”

Sindy, Mindy and Granny were deep in concentration as they avidly waited to match up the numbers on their card.

The atmosphere in the room was electric as more and more balls rolled down and the numbers were called out.

“Dirty Gertie getting flirty number thirty.”


Sindy glanced around for the winner…no way, she thought, I don’t believe it.

Bold as brass and practically the only man in the whole Bingo hall, there he stood in that familiar brown jacket, this time wearing a bowler hat but it was obviously the same fellow.

Sindy whispered her suspicions to Mindy as the rest of the hall grudgingly clapped the winner, he went up to collect that cash prize and seemed to be in a hurry to go; Ken kept him chatting.

“Congratulations….what’s your name?”

“Er…. Mr Cheque.” He mumbled awkwardly at being put on the spot.

“Well done Mr. Check, and what will you be spending your winnings on?”

The man was looking more and more uncomfortable at the attention and made a grab for the cash

“None of your business.”

“OOOOHHHHH” shrieked Ken in a highly camp way, “Hark at her.”

The crowd laughed and applauded, everyone loved Ken.

“You’ve got to tell someone he’s a fake.” Mindy egged Sindy and quickly called over to the rest of their table.

Granny told Dolly on the next table and within seconds the news spread like wild fire, everyone was furious, a Bingo cheat is the lowest of the low.

Sindy told them what she’d seen last week at the casino, there is nothing more scary than a wronged woman, except this was not just one, this was a whole room full!

“And that man was cheating.” Ken couldn’t believe it when Sindy told him.

“No one can cheat at Bingo dear,” He explained, too late the room was buzzing with angry voices.

As they all watched the drama unfold with startled gazes, not quite knowing what to do, it only took one very angry (and a little bit tipsy) woman to lead the mob into action.

Barbie staggered after the Bingo winner as he attempted to make his escape,

“Hey Mister…” she grabbed at his coat in the foyer.

“Get off me you ….” He turned angrily and tried to shake her off,

“I know you,” Barbie shouted accusingly, “You’re that dodgy model agency guy, I thought they locked you up…you should be ashamed of yourself.”

Sindy remembered that awful time she’d had dealing with him, Jimmy the Snap, she’d blanked that unfortunate episode from her memory.

It turned out that many ladies there had had bad experiences involving this man, one had all her wedding photos ruined when he forgot to put any film in his camera, another said he owed them money, one very angry lady said he’d made lewd suggestions to her grand daughter.

Within minutes the mob had got out of control and a full on bacchanalia was in progress, screaming frenzied women, kicking and pummelling as an array of bingo cards fell from his pocket.

“And that raffle was rigged.” someone screamed.





He scarpered as fast as he could, out of the door and disappeared leaving his winnings where they fell.

As fast as it started, the red mist evaporated and calm descended to the slightly ruffled ladies in the hallway.

Lurking worriedly in the background, Darius slinked off quietly to his office. These people weren’t as stupid as he thought, he was concerned that his empire would collapse if it got out there was underhand dealings afoot so he never tried it on again.

It’s true crime does not pay and cheaters always get caught.

The next week Granny won the top prize and took everyone for a steak dinner in The Ritzy’s Penthouse à la carte restaurant.

©Juliette Dodd 2019

Casino Nights

Friday evening and Barry was taking his girlfriend Sindy for a night out at The Ritzy, the Mecca of entertainment in this town with something for everyone, a veritable hub of non stop excitement; meeting place of the beautiful and glamorous people.

“Oooh Barry Bingo night is next Wednesday, I can’t wait.”

“Not my thing Sind, you take your granny.” Barry had actually never been so he didn’t know what the sheer ultimate thrill of ‘Eyes down for a full house’ could offer.

“Yes, she loves a good National game with big prizes.”

“Casino night tomorrow though, wanna come?”

“No you can’t go, not after last week.” A couple were arguing loudly in the foyer.

“It’ll be different this time Babe, I promise I’ll get you another TV when I win.”

Sindy looked questioningly at Barry.

“I’ve never been to a real casino, whats it like?”

“Put your best dress on and come and see.” Barry knew that would tempt her, Sindy loved dressing up.

“Alright, tomorrow at 7 0’clock, I’ll meet you in the foyer.” She was already mentally going through her wardrobe for the perfect outfit.

Saturday evening at 6.50 p.m, Barry was early and dressed to kill. He’d been to many Casinos while in Her Majestys service and he loved the high stakes and the adrenalin rush ( he really should have tried Bingo first though)

Sindy’s bus was late making Sindy late too, she rushed up the street and panting appeared slightly flushed in the foyer and straight into the arms of the very smart and handsome Barry.

“I hope we didn’t miss anything?” Sindy had no idea what to expect at ‘The Casino’

Just as they chatted a large man barged past and marched straight towards the Casino doorway.

Barry and Sindy watched as this stranger greeted the owner Darius, followed by a suspicious whispered conversation.

“Come on Sindy, lets get some chips.”

“But Barry, I’ve had my tea.”

Inside the plush Casino suite, Barry was accosted by a familiar face.

“Hey big boy, where did you disappear to?’ Barbie jested, she’d had her room keys returned by the concierge.

Barry had a clear conscience but still didn’t want any trouble.

Sindy was nudging him and whispering “Who’s that?”

“This lady lost her room keys and I found then and sent them back.” A semi truth is better than a lie.

“Oh yes, …anyone could have got into my room, I’m so glad you found them first Barry.”

Barry quickly changed the subject by explaining the game on the table to his lovely girlfriend.

They watched first as the burly ginger haired man from the foyer rolled the dice and seemed to win with every throw.

Sindy still wasn’t sure how this game worked but watching the red haired man throw high scores again and again was mesmerising, she really wanted a turn.

Barbie was getting closer and closer to the winner and it wasn’t long before he’d cleared out the table.

Sindy was most impressed, ‘It’s all bravado’, she thought, ‘And nothing like Bingo!’

Collecting his huge winnings, the mystery man quickly made his way out of the door, opening the table to all the other eager players.

Barry was itching to have a go.

Barry wasn’t very lucky tonight and within a few throws he’d lost half his weeks wages.

“Don’t worry, I have some pocket money to play with.” Sindy reassured him.

Poor Barry was brassic and it was only 8’o’clock.

Suddenly another contender entered the room, although he seemed strangely familiar. Barry and Sindy watched him sauter over to the table egged on by Darius, hovering in the background.

Out came a large wad of notes and the dice were thrown again and again.

No way, every time a winner, it was almost unbelievable!

There was something about this new man, Barry just couldn’t put his finger on what though.

The Moustached stranger cleared the table and quickly cashed in his winnings, to the amazement of the room; goodness, that was more than Barry earned in six months!

The table was bustling with eager punters trying to better the last chaps good luck, he’d made it look so easy, but the dice were cruel and left everyone broke.

Out of the corner of his eye Barry half recognised a familiar figure, the same build, the same jacket but ….how odd, he’d not seen this man before?

Deep in conversation with dodgy Darius and holding a rather large amount of crispy five pound notes, he hovered in the shadows.

“Hey Sindy do you see that man?”

“Yes, why?”

“Does he look familiar?”

“I’m not sure but that jacket is all the rage and everyone seems to be wearing one.”

“Lets go Sindy, I’ve no money left and I’ve a feeling there’s something afoot here.”

“Did you say chips Barry? It’s still open if we hurry.”

To be continued…

©Juliette Dodd 2019

Buffet Party

Sindy was getting really excited about tonight, it would be her very first Buffet party and she’d invited all her friends and neighbours.

The food was lovingly prepared following all the latest recipes, oh it was so very modern and she really wanted to impress her guests with exotic delicacies.

After a relaxing soak in a bubbly bath to freshen up, Sindy tried hard not to feel tense and nervous.

Meanwhile Barry was also in the bath getting ready for the weekend after a long and heavy working week, his latest job as a bin man wasn’t as much fun as others he’d had and it made him sweat bucketloads.

‘Oh no is that a spot coming’, she was devastated at the prospect.

Preening in the mirror, Sindy had just the product that would sort this problem out and it was quickly applied.

His trusty back scrubber reached those hard to get places perfectly, Barry was now truly as clean as a new pin in every possible place.

‘I feel pretty, oh so pretty…’ Sings Sindy as she beautifies herself, the building excitement is beginning to give her butterflies in her tummy.

‘As close as a man can get,’ is the slogan to this part of Barry’s routine, he wants to impress and knows how Sindy can’t stand bristles.

‘Not too much lipstick, keep it subtle,’ Sindy applies her make up, ‘I’m NOT a tart!’

“What you looking at?’ Barry puts on a pretend American accent.

“You talking to me?”

“You talking to ME?” He flexes as he poses, what a handsome fellow, a fact no one could deny.

‘Just some extra napkins to fold’, Sindy has prepared everything beautifully and laid a table fit for a King, now its just a case of waiting for the guests, soon her nerves were twitching.

‘Just a small taster to see if everything’s nice,’ Sindy ate to calm her and she enjoyed every savoury mouthful.

‘Who’s that?’ she thought as she heard the back door open and slam shut.

Barry waltzed into the dining room loudly opening a pocket of crisps.

“Nice spread, Sinders.” He remarked as he eyed the sumptuous table heaving with goodies to eat. She hated that nick name.

“I’m so glad you’re here to help me Barry.” She really was relieved he come early instead of stopping off at the pub first ( it has been known).

Barry greedily sampled every dish on the table, he was starving although he didn’t think much of those green olives, yuk, too wet and salty.

“NO BARRY! Wait until the guests arrive.” Sindy chastised him in an affectionate way. just as he reached for (another) devilled egg.

She didn’t like him eating eggs as they had an unfortunate and very anti-social aftermath.

The guests all arrived on time at 7 ‘o’clock on the dot, her best friend Mindy and her cousin June plus a host of neighbours; things suddenly got very busy at Sindy’s buffet party.

“Is that your boyfriend then?”Asked Cousin June curiously.

“He seems to be very friendly with her?” Commented Mindy.

Barry was deep in conversation with …Sindy wasn’t sure exactly who that girls was, a niece of her neighbour maybe?

Busy being the perfect hostess Sindy couldn’t help but notice Barry was STILL chatting to her some time later. If looks could kill, that poor girl would have been mortally wounded by now.

‘Oh yes please.” Cousin June grabbed at a succulent sausage as Sindy mournfully gazed over to her boyfriend while offering the final meat platter around.

“I’d never let my boyfriend talk to the likes go her.” Mindy ranted, although she didn’t have a boyfriend anymore, not since Paul had come out.

Shortly afterwards the uninvited guest made her excuses and left early.

“Bye bye and thank you for coming,” Sindy called out politely as she disappeared through the door.

Things got a bit awkward quite quickly as everyone else made their excuses and slinked away.

“Who was that girl you seemed so engrossed with?” Sindy may have had a few more sherrys than she was used to.

Her friends left the scene.


“I was just being nice to your friend.” He didn’t think there was a problem, Sindy was being a little over the top.

“She wasn’t my friend.”

“How was I to know, I’m not a mind reader, I’m off till you calm down.” Barry grabbed his jacket and the last devilled egg and walked out the door, leaving Sindy suddenly all alone.

‘Nooo.” She wailed as the door slammed behind him.

“I didn’t mean….”

Before she knew what she was doing the secret stash of chocolate had come out and she was scoffing for England

Caramac, Marathon, Bounty and Curly Wurly bars, the whole confection selection was consumed.

Just beginning on a huge family sized chocolate bar did Sindy come to her senses.

Gosh, that’s better.

“I am a silly billy and with all this washing up to do!” She cleaned her teeth and busied herself with the Buffet party aftermath, although all of the food had gone ( except the olives)

Meanwhile, Barry had route marched his frustration down to the town centre, as he passed the bright inviting lights of The Ritzy he was drawn into the lush interior and the promise of a quiet drink at the bar.

‘Have you got any change for the Duke box?” Called a sweet voiced as he stormed like fury through the foyer.

Barry fumbled in his pocket but he only had a nice crisp fiver from yesterdays payday, he never liked to go out with a pocket full of shrapnel.

“Ooh, mines a cocktail, if you’re offering?” she giggled, Barry wasn’t but how could he refuse such big beautiful eyes and pretty smile.

“A blue cocktail, to match you’re eyes.” He really knew how to flatter a girl and it worked a treat.

Her other admirer had stocked up the records and the joint was jumping once again.

“You must come here more often, I work here most nights.” She tittered while sexily swaying to the latest tunes. Barry was certainly interested.

He was a lonely man in need of comfort.

“Come up and see me.” She seductively handed him her hotel room keys, number 304 and winked.

Barry was shocked, never in his wildest dreams did he imagine this would happen to him, it was like a film story.

Now he was flung into a moral dilemma.

Should he stay or should he go?

Her big beautiful eyes said yes…..

What would you do?

This story continues in the ‘Bingo Hall’

©Juliette Dodd 2019

Bank Holiday Bike Ride

It was not the sunniest day for a British Bank holiday but Barry was determined to take his girlfriend Sindy for an extra special day out whatever.

After a long and chilly ride they finally arrived in the seaside town of Hastings, amid the deafening rumble of hundreds of other bikes. Barry was glad to get off and stretch his legs, Sindys side car ride had been slightly more comfortable.

Barry couldn’t wait to have a look around and see all the other shiny fast motorbikes lined up in the seaside car park, every make and model from this country and abroad, it was bikers heaven.

In his element, Barry was almost lost in the mechanical delirium until a rather bored and slightly whiny voice broke into his beautiful daydream.

“Barry, I’m hungry, lets get some chips.”

“Ew, you’ve put too much salt on.”

Just the way I like them thought Barry, scoffing the lot.

“Can we go to the beach now, the sea looks lovely.” Sindy pleaded.

Not really quite what she expected but, yes they were on the beach.

Next stop, down at the amusement arcade, Barry splashed his cash – for a pocket full of loose change, he was feeling lucky.

Sindy was impressed, even more when he swaggered over to a one armed bandit and won at the first pull.


“Ooh Barry, you’re so clever.” she cooed at his prowess.

“What about that one,” as she pointed to the shooting range, how could he refuse; as he grasped the barrel and laid aim…hit, hit, miss, miss..miss…oh dear, next time maybe.

Another try, Barry hated losing, as he took a very careful shot….

“Sindy!” he almost squealed.

“Don’t be a silly, I’m just getting some coins.” She tutted, but too late, he’d been put off his flow and lost the game.

“I just wanted some crisps,” she said innocently, how could Barry be cross with such big blue eyes?

“Oh Sind, you’re my best girl.”

It was true love.

Barry soon got stuck into a really flashy loud pinball machine as Sindy gazed around the busy arcade, she was more eager to get on with enjoying the sights and sounds of what this holiday town had to offer.

“Not long now Sind.” Barry could sense her frustration but the huffs and puffing sounds she made got louder.

Was Sindy bored?

A little, maybe

Barry quickly made it up to her with some chocolate and a fizzy drink; this day was filled with sensations from all directions.

Oooh Spangles!

“Just one more game before we go.” Promised Barry, he was desperate to please his lovely girlfriend.

“Oh ok then, you smooth taking bastard,” she joked, nudging him firmly in the kidneys.

A quick canoodle and Barry was back on form, showing off his ultimate arcade skills, after years of wasted pennies and wrist exercise, it had all finally paid off…he’d get THE PRIZE.

“Oooh you won one!”

“Just for you Sindy.” As he proudly handed her the revered trophy.

A Pink Flamingo

“Barry, my hero”….she fluttered and giggled at the gift, while Barry’s chest puffed up like a pigeon on heat.

King of the Slots

The day was getting late and the sun wasn’t planning on showing it’s head.

“Time to go back home, Princess, ” Barry ushered his best girl back outside into the daylight, away from the bright flashing lights and hypnotic, repetitive tunes of the amusement arcade, to his waiting chariot.

©Juliette Dodd 2019