Its been a long day walking many, many miles in the summer heat, Neville had forgotten what is was like back in England after all the places he’d visited.

He couldn’t even remember what year he’d left, it was just after the tragic events when he was discharged from the forces, something must have tripped his brain….or was it the drugs?

He finally stopped for a rest and the music was on him in an instant, whipping out his guitar he sang his lonesome tune to the hedgerow ….releasing his blue desperation to the birds and buzzing things.

“Woke up this morning…fried egg on my plate…my woman had left me ….”

Neville had spent quite a while in the deep South, amongst his travels he’d picked up many a riff and loved to mix and match.

He was just a slave to the rhythm,

“Play that funky music, hey boy…play it till you die..”

Neville had been in many, many bands but he wasn’t really a people person or even a team player, he just couldn’t mix well with others although he didn’t really try, was always on the move and drifting.

This time he’d had an urge to visit his source, his hometown and he was on a mission to make amends with the past, no matter what.

The distant sound of a car approaching perked him up.

Sindy was visiting her old Auntie in the country, it was such a lovely day for a drive out; her boyfriend Barry had got a new job but he was always tired or working so she jumped at the offer of lunch out to relieve the boredom.

‘Best thumb forward’ was his motto for today, Neville lived in hope although more than likely they drove on by, only the odd trucker stopped but now he was on some God forsaken ‘B’ road or maybe even a ‘C’ road, if there was such a thing?

Lunch was boiled eggs and lettuce, Sindy wasn’t impressed and made her excuses as quickly as she could while promising Auntie to call back soon and bring her lovely young man for a visit.

She was still cross the little buggers in her street had pulled her wing mirrors off,

‘ I know I didn’t use them but they were handy for checking out who was looking at me.’

” A car…here goes” Neville put on his ‘I’m a cool guy’ look, although in reality, he was rather hot and bothered and fancied a pint. He had no idea how far away he was from his destination, especially as he hadn’t got a map.

Sindy was bored and he really did look such a soulful figure standing by the roadside in the middle of nowhere.

‘A Musician too by the looks’, she thought as she slowed down to get a better view.

Sindy was known to drive off quickly if she thought the hitchhikers would be smelly but this time she stopped her car.

“Where are you heading?” She called through the open window.

“The next town, Miss.”

“Hop in then.” She commanded rather than offered.


She gazed questioningly at Neville’s slightly weathered but so familiar face, it was on the tip of her tongue where she knew him from but she just couldn’t place him.

“Are you local?” Sindy asked this handsome stranger.

“I used to be, a long time ago.” He answered wistfully.

” Oh…it’s just you look so …. I’m sure I know you?”

“Nope, never met you before Miss, I’ve been away… travelling, probably near on ten years now.”

“Jump in, I haven’t got all day.” It was bugging her now, where did she know him from?

With a heave and a ho, Neville loaded the back seat with his belongings while Sindy revved the engine impatiently.

” Thanks Miss.”

“So what brings you to these parts?” Sindy was fishing for clues, she liked the cut of his jib plus he must be a sensitive soul as he was obviously musical.

“Are you in a band? Do you write your own songs?” Questions, questions and he hadn’t even shut the car door yet!

“I’m in search of my muse.”

Oh Sindy loved the thought of him being so deep and mystical, oh what piercing blue eyes, oh…oh..she’d suddenly come over all unmentionable!

“I do hope you find her.” She answered almost bashfully.

“I will.”

To be continued very soon..

©Juliette Dodd 2019


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