Buffet Party

Sindy was getting really excited about tonight, it would be her very first Buffet party and she’d invited all her friends and neighbours.

The food was lovingly prepared following all the latest recipes, oh it was so very modern and she really wanted to impress her guests with exotic delicacies.

After a relaxing soak in a bubbly bath to freshen up, Sindy tried hard not to feel tense and nervous.

Meanwhile Barry was also in the bath getting ready for the weekend after a long and heavy working week, his latest job as a bin man wasn’t as much fun as others he’d had and it made him sweat bucketloads.

‘Oh no is that a spot coming’, she was devastated at the prospect.

Preening in the mirror, Sindy had just the product that would sort this problem out and it was quickly applied.

His trusty back scrubber reached those hard to get places perfectly, Barry was now truly as clean as a new pin in every possible place.

‘I feel pretty, oh so pretty…’ Sings Sindy as she beautifies herself, the building excitement is beginning to give her butterflies in her tummy.

‘As close as a man can get,’ is the slogan to this part of Barry’s routine, he wants to impress and knows how Sindy can’t stand bristles.

‘Not too much lipstick, keep it subtle,’ Sindy applies her make up, ‘I’m NOT a tart!’

“What you looking at?’ Barry puts on a pretend American accent.

“You talking to me?”

“You talking to ME?” He flexes as he poses, what a handsome fellow, a fact no one could deny.

‘Just some extra napkins to fold’, Sindy has prepared everything beautifully and laid a table fit for a King, now its just a case of waiting for the guests, soon her nerves were twitching.

‘Just a small taster to see if everything’s nice,’ Sindy ate to calm her and she enjoyed every savoury mouthful.

‘Who’s that?’ she thought as she heard the back door open and slam shut.

Barry waltzed into the dining room loudly opening a pocket of crisps.

“Nice spread, Sinders.” He remarked as he eyed the sumptuous table heaving with goodies to eat. She hated that nick name.

“I’m so glad you’re here to help me Barry.” She really was relieved he come early instead of stopping off at the pub first ( it has been known).

Barry greedily sampled every dish on the table, he was starving although he didn’t think much of those green olives, yuk, too wet and salty.

“NO BARRY! Wait until the guests arrive.” Sindy chastised him in an affectionate way. just as he reached for (another) devilled egg.

She didn’t like him eating eggs as they had an unfortunate and very anti-social aftermath.

The guests all arrived on time at 7 ‘o’clock on the dot, her best friend Mindy and her cousin June plus a host of neighbours; things suddenly got very busy at Sindy’s buffet party.

“Is that your boyfriend then?”Asked Cousin June curiously.

“He seems to be very friendly with her?” Commented Mindy.

Barry was deep in conversation with …Sindy wasn’t sure exactly who that girls was, a niece of her neighbour maybe?

Busy being the perfect hostess Sindy couldn’t help but notice Barry was STILL chatting to her some time later. If looks could kill, that poor girl would have been mortally wounded by now.

‘Oh yes please.” Cousin June grabbed at a succulent sausage as Sindy mournfully gazed over to her boyfriend while offering the final meat platter around.

“I’d never let my boyfriend talk to the likes go her.” Mindy ranted, although she didn’t have a boyfriend anymore, not since Paul had come out.

Shortly afterwards the uninvited guest made her excuses and left early.

“Bye bye and thank you for coming,” Sindy called out politely as she disappeared through the door.

Things got a bit awkward quite quickly as everyone else made their excuses and slinked away.

“Who was that girl you seemed so engrossed with?” Sindy may have had a few more sherrys than she was used to.

Her friends left the scene.


“I was just being nice to your friend.” He didn’t think there was a problem, Sindy was being a little over the top.

“She wasn’t my friend.”

“How was I to know, I’m not a mind reader, I’m off till you calm down.” Barry grabbed his jacket and the last devilled egg and walked out the door, leaving Sindy suddenly all alone.

‘Nooo.” She wailed as the door slammed behind him.

“I didn’t mean….”

Before she knew what she was doing the secret stash of chocolate had come out and she was scoffing for England

Caramac, Marathon, Bounty and Curly Wurly bars, the whole confection selection was consumed.

Just beginning on a huge family sized chocolate bar did Sindy come to her senses.

Gosh, that’s better.

“I am a silly billy and with all this washing up to do!” She cleaned her teeth and busied herself with the Buffet party aftermath, although all of the food had gone ( except the olives)

Meanwhile, Barry had route marched his frustration down to the town centre, as he passed the bright inviting lights of The Ritzy he was drawn into the lush interior and the promise of a quiet drink at the bar.

‘Have you got any change for the Duke box?” Called a sweet voiced as he stormed like fury through the foyer.

Barry fumbled in his pocket but he only had a nice crisp fiver from yesterdays payday, he never liked to go out with a pocket full of shrapnel.

“Ooh, mines a cocktail, if you’re offering?” she giggled, Barry wasn’t but how could he refuse such big beautiful eyes and pretty smile.

“A blue cocktail, to match you’re eyes.” He really knew how to flatter a girl and it worked a treat.

Her other admirer had stocked up the records and the joint was jumping once again.

“You must come here more often, I work here most nights.” She tittered while sexily swaying to the latest tunes. Barry was certainly interested.

He was a lonely man in need of comfort.

“Come up and see me.” She seductively handed him her hotel room keys, number 304 and winked.

Barry was shocked, never in his wildest dreams did he imagine this would happen to him, it was like a film story.

Now he was flung into a moral dilemma.

Should he stay or should he go?

Her big beautiful eyes said yes…..

What would you do?

This story continues in the ‘Bingo Hall’

©Juliette Dodd 2019