Casino Nights

Friday evening and Barry was taking his girlfriend Sindy for a night out at The Ritzy, the Mecca of entertainment in this town with something for everyone, a veritable hub of non stop excitement; meeting place of the beautiful and glamorous people.

“Oooh Barry Bingo night is next Wednesday, I can’t wait.”

“Not my thing Sind, you take your granny.” Barry had actually never been so he didn’t know what the sheer ultimate thrill of ‘Eyes down for a full house’ could offer.

“Yes, she loves a good National game with big prizes.”

“Casino night tomorrow though, wanna come?”

“No you can’t go, not after last week.” A couple were arguing loudly in the foyer.

“It’ll be different this time Babe, I promise I’ll get you another TV when I win.”

Sindy looked questioningly at Barry.

“I’ve never been to a real casino, whats it like?”

“Put your best dress on and come and see.” Barry knew that would tempt her, Sindy loved dressing up.

“Alright, tomorrow at 7 0’clock, I’ll meet you in the foyer.” She was already mentally going through her wardrobe for the perfect outfit.

Saturday evening at 6.50 p.m, Barry was early and dressed to kill. He’d been to many Casinos while in Her Majestys service and he loved the high stakes and the adrenalin rush ( he really should have tried Bingo first though)

Sindy’s bus was late making Sindy late too, she rushed up the street and panting appeared slightly flushed in the foyer and straight into the arms of the very smart and handsome Barry.

“I hope we didn’t miss anything?” Sindy had no idea what to expect at ‘The Casino’

Just as they chatted a large man barged past and marched straight towards the Casino doorway.

Barry and Sindy watched as this stranger greeted the owner Darius, followed by a suspicious whispered conversation.

“Come on Sindy, lets get some chips.”

“But Barry, I’ve had my tea.”

Inside the plush Casino suite, Barry was accosted by a familiar face.

“Hey big boy, where did you disappear to?’ Barbie jested, she’d had her room keys returned by the concierge.

Barry had a clear conscience but still didn’t want any trouble.

Sindy was nudging him and whispering “Who’s that?”

“This lady lost her room keys and I found then and sent them back.” A semi truth is better than a lie.

“Oh yes, …anyone could have got into my room, I’m so glad you found them first Barry.”

Barry quickly changed the subject by explaining the game on the table to his lovely girlfriend.

They watched first as the burly ginger haired man from the foyer rolled the dice and seemed to win with every throw.

Sindy still wasn’t sure how this game worked but watching the red haired man throw high scores again and again was mesmerising, she really wanted a turn.

Barbie was getting closer and closer to the winner and it wasn’t long before he’d cleared out the table.

Sindy was most impressed, ‘It’s all bravado’, she thought, ‘And nothing like Bingo!’

Collecting his huge winnings, the mystery man quickly made his way out of the door, opening the table to all the other eager players.

Barry was itching to have a go.

Barry wasn’t very lucky tonight and within a few throws he’d lost half his weeks wages.

“Don’t worry, I have some pocket money to play with.” Sindy reassured him.

Poor Barry was brassic and it was only 8’o’clock.

Suddenly another contender entered the room, although he seemed strangely familiar. Barry and Sindy watched him sauter over to the table egged on by Darius, hovering in the background.

Out came a large wad of notes and the dice were thrown again and again.

No way, every time a winner, it was almost unbelievable!

There was something about this new man, Barry just couldn’t put his finger on what though.

The Moustached stranger cleared the table and quickly cashed in his winnings, to the amazement of the room; goodness, that was more than Barry earned in six months!

The table was bustling with eager punters trying to better the last chaps good luck, he’d made it look so easy, but the dice were cruel and left everyone broke.

Out of the corner of his eye Barry half recognised a familiar figure, the same build, the same jacket but ….how odd, he’d not seen this man before?

Deep in conversation with dodgy Darius and holding a rather large amount of crispy five pound notes, he hovered in the shadows.

“Hey Sindy do you see that man?”

“Yes, why?”

“Does he look familiar?”

“I’m not sure but that jacket is all the rage and everyone seems to be wearing one.”

“Lets go Sindy, I’ve no money left and I’ve a feeling there’s something afoot here.”

“Did you say chips Barry? It’s still open if we hurry.”

To be continued…

©Juliette Dodd 2019