Bank Holiday Bike Ride

It was not the sunniest day for a British Bank holiday but Barry was determined to take his girlfriend Sindy for an extra special day out whatever.

After a long and chilly ride they finally arrived in the seaside town of Hastings, amid the deafening rumble of hundreds of other bikes. Barry was glad to get off and stretch his legs, Sindys side car ride had been slightly more comfortable.

Barry couldn’t wait to have a look around and see all the other shiny fast motorbikes lined up in the seaside car park, every make and model from this country and abroad, it was bikers heaven.

In his element, Barry was almost lost in the mechanical delirium until a rather bored and slightly whiny voice broke into his beautiful daydream.

“Barry, I’m hungry, lets get some chips.”

“Ew, you’ve put too much salt on.”

Just the way I like them thought Barry, scoffing the lot.

“Can we go to the beach now, the sea looks lovely.” Sindy pleaded.

Not really quite what she expected but, yes they were on the beach.

Next stop, down at the amusement arcade, Barry splashed his cash – for a pocket full of loose change, he was feeling lucky.

Sindy was impressed, even more when he swaggered over to a one armed bandit and won at the first pull.


“Ooh Barry, you’re so clever.” she cooed at his prowess.

“What about that one,” as she pointed to the shooting range, how could he refuse; as he grasped the barrel and laid aim…hit, hit, miss, miss..miss…oh dear, next time maybe.

Another try, Barry hated losing, as he took a very careful shot….

“Sindy!” he almost squealed.

“Don’t be a silly, I’m just getting some coins.” She tutted, but too late, he’d been put off his flow and lost the game.

“I just wanted some crisps,” she said innocently, how could Barry be cross with such big blue eyes?

“Oh Sind, you’re my best girl.”

It was true love.

Barry soon got stuck into a really flashy loud pinball machine as Sindy gazed around the busy arcade, she was more eager to get on with enjoying the sights and sounds of what this holiday town had to offer.

“Not long now Sind.” Barry could sense her frustration but the huffs and puffing sounds she made got louder.

Was Sindy bored?

A little, maybe

Barry quickly made it up to her with some chocolate and a fizzy drink; this day was filled with sensations from all directions.

Oooh Spangles!

“Just one more game before we go.” Promised Barry, he was desperate to please his lovely girlfriend.

“Oh ok then, you smooth taking bastard,” she joked, nudging him firmly in the kidneys.

A quick canoodle and Barry was back on form, showing off his ultimate arcade skills, after years of wasted pennies and wrist exercise, it had all finally paid off…he’d get THE PRIZE.

“Oooh you won one!”

“Just for you Sindy.” As he proudly handed her the revered trophy.

A Pink Flamingo

“Barry, my hero”….she fluttered and giggled at the gift, while Barry’s chest puffed up like a pigeon on heat.

King of the Slots

The day was getting late and the sun wasn’t planning on showing it’s head.

“Time to go back home, Princess, ” Barry ushered his best girl back outside into the daylight, away from the bright flashing lights and hypnotic, repetitive tunes of the amusement arcade, to his waiting chariot.

©Juliette Dodd 2019


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